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Marblehead Designs a Passion to Win

Recently, Marblehead helped Andrews Distributing officially unveil a new identity to employees at their annual sales meeting with banners, PowerPoint presentations, and a seven foot tall 3D cutout of the new logo!

Once a year, Andrews Dis­trib­ut­ing brings all their employ­ees together to high­light the pre­vi­ous year, honor out­stand­ing folks in their orga­ni­za­tion, and antic­i­pate the upcom­ing year’s goals. In addi­tion to being named Bev­er­age World Whole­saler of the Year, Andrews unveiled plans for a new dis­tri­b­u­tion facility,¬†added great new brands to the portfolio,¬†and rolled out their first new logo since the com­pany started over 25 years ago. That’s a lot to celebrate!

Passion to Win

Andrews has always focused on indi­vid­ual excel­lence as the key to their com­pany suc­cess. They take pride in their values-​based cul­ture and often use sports analo­gies to moti­vate a win­ning spirit. This year’s theme was “Passion to Win” which cel­e­brated the indi­vid­ual efforts that makes the Andrew’s team such a suc­cess. This theme was car­ried out by cre­at­ing ban­ners with employee quotes and dis­play­ing every employee’s photo on two big ban­ners hang­ing over the dining area. As you can see, that’s a lot of photos!

Making a Big Splash

As a part of the cel­e­bra­tion, every­one received a hat, shirt, and key chain that fea­tured the new logo. As men­tioned above, there was also a seven foot tall 3D logo built and mounted behind the stage. As a way to intro­duce the new logo, Mar­ble­head designed an unveil­ing sequence for the begin­ning of the presentation.

Glad to Help

The Andrews team was great to work with on this project. The whole office worked very hard to get the pre­sen­ta­tion and mate­ri­als look­ing great and ready on time. They even saved us a seat at the back of the room where we could see our hard work in action.

Con­grat­u­la­tions to Andrews Dis­trib­ut­ing for making Bev­er­age World Whole­saler of the Year.

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  1. Sun, July 6 2008

    I saw this logo the other day on the door of a red bull truck and imme­di­ately thought of you guys. Great work!

    1. Mon, July 7 2008

      Thanks! Nice to have a fan.

    2. Tue, July 8 2008

      Thanks Media. My kids are trained to keep a look­out for any trucks with the logo. While it won’t be on the trucks, soon we’ll post the unqiue Red Bull and Non-​alcoholic ver­sions of the logo. The com­pli­ment nicely.

  2. Mon, July 7 2008

    Hey Bran­don … did you sneak in your photo on that mas­sive banner?

    1. Mon, July 7 2008

      Yeah right. I was tempted to put Waldo in though.

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